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Robin Myrick has more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, with particular experience  in system integrations, streamlining accounting processes to include policy design and implementation, project management, financial oversight, and EOM and EOY audit completion. In her prior roles, Robin has served as a billing supervisor in accounting working to design and implement processes and systems to ensure the accuracy of invoice and as well as the AR Manager being responsible for providing comprehensive financial updates to senior managers or board members by evaluating, analyzing and reporting appropriate data points used in financial planning. Working with federal, state, and local governments, Robin has spent many years building relationships that have been an integral part of the billing and collections process to ensure the company’s financial goals were met.

As Controller for InfraMap, Robin is responsible the management of the accounting operations of the organization as well as cash management, risk management, the general ledger management, and the supervision of all accounting staff ensuring compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements and professional standards. Robin joined InfraMap in 2022.

Robin has always loved numbers and is known for being a problem solver who often looks at her roles in accounting as a puzzle piece and like many pieces of a magnificent puzzle, come together to produce a dynamic product.

Robin earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Virginia State University.