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About InfraMap Corp.

Unknown existing underground utilities can have a significant negative impact and create serious risk on projects.  Schedule delays and cost overruns often occur, resulting in time lost waiting for utility companies to relocate their facilities, design changes during construction, as well as contractor claims and change orders.  Inaccurate or outdated utility records increase this potential risk during construction, a risk that affects the owners, engineers, and contractors ability to make educated decisions.

InfraMap has achieved a reputation as a leader in the industry by thoroughly understanding these risks (and how they impact our clients’ needs), developing innovative technologies, implementing standardized procedures, and consistently delivering our clients accurate data on time and within budget.

At our core, InfraMap is a technology company. Since 1987 we have pioneered the field of professional infrastructure mapping and utility engineering through focused R&D efforts. Never satisfied with the limitations of commercially available equipment, our R&D team invents new technologies and techniques when available equipment fails to deliver. As much as we love technology, it takes more than fancy gear to get it right. It also takes expertise. So, we use our expert knowledge of utility systems and geophysics to select the right technology, manage data collection, assess utility record quality, and make the professional judgments required to synthesize raw field scans into trustworthy engineering-grade utility mapping. Project stakeholders rely on our mapping for design and construction when facing today’s congested and complex utility corridors.

Given the enormous liability, as well as the expensive and generous consequences associated with errors, we understand the trust our clients place in us when hiring our firm as their project partner. We do not take that trust lightly, and we make it our prime objective to “always get it done right, the first time.”

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Utility Infrastructure Mapping is where engineering meets urban archeology. 

The ancient Minoans built water and sewer lines made of wood, clay, and stone over 2000 years ago, and the Romans developed lead water lines as early as 400 AD. In modern times, buried utilities are often over 100 years old, by which time the details of their location and construction have been lost to history. Our job is to peel back the layers to reveal the complex infrastructure web. It’s like putting together a puzzle while blindfolded.

Our values


Our team of highly trained, qualified licensed personnel is committed to providing the best level of service in an ethically, socially responsible way.


Our ability to succeed is based upon our ability to deliver. If it isn’t done right, it isn’t done.


We only do what we know how to do well. Our experience, extensive knowledge, and targeted focus on utility infrastructure mapping are what make us an industry leader.

We knew the task of mapping the hidden underworld was risky. However, we chose to embrace this emerging field and the liability of the endeavor. We felt the challenges were worth overcoming because the benefits of precision utility mapping were so great.

Paul Hayes, CEO, 1993 presentation to the Florida Department of Transportation

Commitment To Safety

InfraMap is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, sub-consultants, contract partners, and clients. Maintaining a safe work environment is a shared commitment and priority for all staff.

Public safety mirrors our commitment to our employees. We must protect the public during field operations and create work product that prevents dangerous utility damages and disruptions well into the future. To that end, InfraMap follows our company-wide Health and Safety Program, designed to identify, control, and eliminate hazards and risks which may cause employee or client injuries, damage to property, or destruction of assets.

Our training and safety programs are designed to ensure our teams in the field and the office are well equipped to plan and execute work safely every day. Our comprehensive training programs include hazardous material training, personal protective equipment, roadside safety training, confined space entry, as well as military or high-security site clearances.

We closely monitor and review our health and safety policies and records, conduct periodic safety inspections, and offer ongoing safety training.

InfraMap Corp ensures nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, please contact us at 804-550-2937.


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